Specializing in Business-To-Business (B2B) and Business-To-Consumer (B2C) services, VMJTN brings a new viewpoint to the world of Telemarketing services by developing great ways to value our customers concurrently increasing sales while motivating our team.

Back Office

Our team is dedicated in delivering exceptional back office support by providing cost-effective and accurate services to both existing and potential clients.

Customer Service

Our team is able to bring the outstanding customer service experience while serving satisfaction by building trust, setting realistic expectations and being transparent on our services.

Web Development

We deliver a strategic analysis in every project to ensure that we meet the right requirements and expectations from our client.

Great Team

Our company is composed of talented and tech savvy professionals with passion for delivering more than what is expected of us. Our team is composed of competent individuals who are professional and at the same time have a knack for fun. Here we understand the value of teamwork. Teamwork brings synergy to the workplace. This in turn accounts for a more peaceful and therefore a more productive work environment.

Great Experience

We are individuals who uphold core principles and virtues above all. We have clear sets of values which we apply in our day-to-day transactions. We value relationships as we believe in the power of genuine connections. Being able to establish strong ties with both our clients and our staff enables us to do more and be more. We value and cherish our staffs like a family, embolden their professional growth and reward their accomplishment

About Us

VMJTN Outsourcing Solutions is a great provider of service excellence in telemarking services, a comprehensive range of outsourced back office assistance, outstanding customer care and web development support. 

Today’s audience requires continuously changing needs. This only means the need for dynamic solutions. As a business owner, you have to be able to keep up, if not adapt, to the ever-changing tides. We created this company out of our need for a more innovative approach. 

Thus, we want our services to reflect who we are. We are different from other BPO companies in that we are highly innovative people eager to provide the answers for your business. We are a growing provider of support global solutions- here we have services encompassing all outsourcing solutions to match your business need.


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The Team

Marlon David

Marlon David

Director of HR and Admin

Josef Karl Garcia

Josef Karl Garcia

Director of Operations

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